Automotive Diagnosis by Remote Control

Next generation level of technical support

Available ONLY from V-Tech UK.

Having problems with diagnosing a vehicle though our Win-Star system?

Not to worry, let us take control over your workshop remotely!

As part of the on-going support program we are pleased to announce an industry’s first support platform for our Win-Star customers.Advantages:

  • Watch your customers car get diagnosed direct from our head-quarters by our top skilled technicians in Automotive Diagnostics.
  • Learn how the problem was fixed for future reference
  • Fix problems without turning down a customer resulting loss of sale
  • Be anywhere in the country (if not the world!) and have piece-of-mind that your workshop is backed by a whole team of expert dealer trained technicians

Don’t have a Win-star? But still need someone to control your computer for our other diagnostic machines?

As with V-Tech tradition for bringing the best customer support, technical advice and customer service… we also bring to you the V-Support platform. Find out what your missing if your not our customer!

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