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One of the great news with the CDP+ is the built in flight recorder. Set the parameters you wish to record and store the configuration on the CDP+. Simply connect the CDP+ to the vehicle. A trigger button to start the recording is located on the end cap.

The CDP+ uses a multi colour indicator which is located on the front of the unit for excellent visibility. The indicator uses different colours to show the current state of communication as well as warning for low battery voltage.

Anyone that frequently uses a diagnostic tool knows how handy a flashlight is when you are locating the diagnostic socket under the dash board. On the CDP+ there is a LED located exactly where it is most useful, on the diagnostic connector.

Since the CDP+ is equipped with the class leading multiplexer technology the same VCI can be used for all vehicles regardless of age and type. A selection of adapter cables is offered to cover non 16pin OBD vehicles.

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