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MECH5 Cloud Diagnostics

MECH5 is a giant leap forward in professional diagnostics for garages and vehicle workshops.

Just £150.00 with 1 Month Free

The MECH5 has turned the vehicle diagnostic market on its head with this new concept in vehicle diagnostic testing, where the small MECH5 VCI communicates via Bluetooth to your Windows or Android phone, tablet or PC, (iOS coming soon). You then connect to the internet and use cloud-based diagnostics technology to deliver faster, comprehensive and lower cost diagnostics.

By capturing, sharing and recording more data, MECH5 enables garages to deliver new levels of service and efficiency for their customers.

What’s truly impressive is you get the MECH5 VCI for only £150.00 for the hardware including one month’s free access to the in-depth software, thereafter you can instantly subscribe to an additional month as and when you like on a “pay as you go” basis for only £30.00 per month or £300.00 for a full year.

Don’t be fooled by the extremely low price! The MECH5 is a professional diagnostic tool designed for garages, vehicle workshops, diagnostic specialists and technicians. It has a huge application list and a great depth of software and benefits from being quick to use, easy to navigate and intuitive to follow.

An additional benefit is that whilst you’re not in subscription you can continue to use the free version of MECH5 to read DTC’s (not erase) on any ecu the system covers now, and in the future. Not only that, but you can also see what functions are available and if MECH5 covers something your other scan tools don’t you can simply pay for a month’s access and start using the Pro version immediately!”

All the coverage with more features than any conventional scan tool:

  • Health Check – Vehicle wide snapshot of all ECU DTCs and Live Data in one go
  • Diagnostic Fault Codes (DTCs) – Read/Clear: All OEM fault codes from all ECUs
  • Live Data Snapshots – record all the live data from an ECUs sensors
  • Dynamic Live Data – Live waveform graphing of several sensors data at the same time
  • Activation of components – control windows, gauges, wipers, lights, EGR valves etc.
  • Advanced Functions – Perform Service related functions e.g:
    • Service & oil reset
    • Brake bleeding
    • Tyre Pressure Monitoring Adjustments
    • Summer/Winter tyre setup
    • Immobiliser/Key functions
    • Steering Angle sensor reset
    • etc

For an up to date application list and compatability check, please click the button below.

The VCI unit is a unique piece of low cost hardware that unlocks the full potential of MECH5

  • Always up-to-date – No downloading and installing software – simply log in and start diagnosing!
  • Use with any compatible device – Works with Windows and Android with iOS coming very soon
  • Roadside ready – Create customer loyalty with remote diagnostics when they need it most – at the roadside
  • Increased coverage – MECH5 provides the same, if not more coverage as most hand held and PC based scantools. MECH5 supports all CAN protocols.  Some older non-CAN protocols may not be supported.
  • Easy to use interface – Intuitive graphical interface
  • Cost effective, monthly, non-contract subscription model
  • Vehicle interface can be 10 to 20 times cheaper than current offerings
  • Web-based, MECH5 works on any Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook or Desktop PC, using Windows, Apple iOS (coming soon) or Android Operating Systems
  • No updates to download – whenever the cloud is updated, every user in the world is instantly up to date
  • No setup – MECH5 is always ready, simply login
  • Remote access, wherever you are, if you have web access you can diagnose faults and help your customers
  • MECH5 provides the same coverage and capability as handheld and PC based scan tools

MECH5 uses unique cloud-based technology that makes it faster to connect via any compatible internet enabled device such as a smart phone or tablet, ensuring your system is always up to date. No more downloading updates!

More Flexible
Easy to set up and use, with no heavy equipment or specialist tools to move around the workshop. MECH5 runs on any browser, and you can access from any of your existing compatible PC/mobile Windows, Apple iOS (coming soon) or Android devices. The pay as you go subscription model ensures complete flexibility.

Incredibly Cost Effective
Because MECH5’s unique non-contract subscription model includes all diagnostic services and minimal investment in diagnostic hardware, the total cost of diagnostics to your business is significantly reduced.

Comprehensive Coverage and Capabilities
Accesses all the ECUs on a wide range of vehicles to deliver all the capabilities of existing scan tools and much more…

Improved Data
MECH5 stores the data history for each individual VIN number so you can access and analyse every vehicle’s historical data record (including all faults and rectifications).

How Does MECH5 Work?

Once the hardware is purchased, you can subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis. These subscriptions are purchased via the MECH5 Web App.

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