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A high quality compact scan tool that mirrors original factory equipments, manufactured using Hanatech’s 16 years of scan tool experience.

Boasts all the features and fully functioning software of more expensive units, Activation, Adaptation, Reset Basic Settings.

Super fast communication speed, Full size 320X240 backlit screen,
CAN enabled, Big 512mb Flash memory, Realtime PC interface through USB, LED communication check light, All software loaded onboard: Japanese, Korean, GM, Ford, European.

The standard, 3 year product Warranty
All Cables and connectors fully included
Free Internet based updates for 2 years from date of purchase!
Integrated CAN and J1850 Hardware
Graphs data
4 Channel Oscilloscope

Extensive coverage for most Asian and European vehicles as well as various smaller local manufacturers.
Complete coverage for various control systems not to mention the ECM or PCM also supports extended functions activation, reset basic settings, adaptation, repair guides, etc.
512MB large capacity memory includes all software applications on board. Built in canbus interface, no need for any external ultraplexing modules. No additional cost spending for optional software package – only a 16pin OBD2 adapter will enable you to test all carts with OBD2 data link connector up to manufacturer specific level regardless of brand name.
Ultrascan provides realtime PC interface and Windows based software updates through both serial and USB connections.
Support CAN communication, the future communication protocol, is here now and users can take comfort from Ultrascan’s longevity.
The Ultrascan has been designed to interface with gas analysers for real time driving events. Monitoring of all important systems capable of providing serial data and also gas analysis on the same screen
USB interface and being CAN Enabled is the most future proof investment of the present and offers great quality and coverage all for a very reasonable price.
3 year product warranty.

This has exact the same software coverage as the Multiscan with the following additional hardware features as listed below

OBD I / II Scantool
Self Diagnosis
Black Box
Data Stream
Circuit Diagram & Repair Guide
Actuation Test
Graphs the data(line/dot)
4 Channel Oscilloscope
Time Division : 25ms – 20sec
Sampling Rate : 500KHz per 2 channel
Voltage Division : 0.1V-20V
Voltage : DC ± 150V Max
Auto Setup
Zoom Up to x 5

Voltage : DC ± 30V Max
Frequency : 1Hz – 100KHz
Duty Cycle : 0 – 99.9%
Current : ± 128 Amp

Ignition Analyser

Primary & Secondary Ignition
Conventional and distributorless DLI/DIS
Time, Peak Voltage, Dwell Angle, Current Ampere
Voltage & RPM indication

General PC Printer Direct Interface
Simply and precisely prints data by direct interface with any PC printer


Reads, displays data and checks the reaction of the overall Electronic Control System

Upgrade through Internet

DOS, WINDOWS Version available
PC interface enables DCN-PRO to bring its software up to date
Updates software available at our website

1 x Hard Briefcase – With code lock and keys
1 x Ultrascan Unit

Cables & Connectors

1 x Data link cable
1 x KIA 20 pin
1 x Mazda, Ford, KIA
1 x Mitsubishi, Hyundai 12 pin
1 x Ssangyong 20 pin
1 x Ssangyong 14 pin
1 x Mercedes 38 pin
1 x Mercedes 4 pin
1 x BMW 20 pin
1 x VW 2 x 2 cable
1 x Holden 6 pin
1 x Ford 20 pin
1 x Ford 7 pin
1 x Ford Standard connector
1 x Toyota 17 pin (rect)
1 x Toyota 17 pin (semi-circle)
1 x Mazda 17 pin (semi-circle)
1 x GM Daewoo 12 pin
1 x Nissan, Samsung 14 pin
1 x Subaru 9 pin
1 x Honda 3 pin
1 x Chrysler 6 pin
1 x OBD-II Mitsubishi
1 x OBD-II 16 pin
1 x Power cable (external 12v supply)
1 x Power cable (internal 12v supply)
1 x Upgrade cable

Ergonomic high tech design, super tough over mold construction technology.
Big capacity 512Mb memory for world vehicle coverage:
Japanese, Korean, GM, ford and European vehicles.
Wherever you live, Ultrascan has it covered.
Extra large backlit super clear LCD display.
CAN protocol enabled for 2008 CAN implementation.
Easy software updates through internet or CD-ROM
Data stream graphical display functions for easy viewing.
“Blackbox” record functions, save and replay events as they happen.
Actuator tests, prove the inputs and outputs and check continuity of circuits.
Connector locations guide, wiring diagrams, scan tool and fault code help menus.
Realtime PC interface through USB
GAS Analyzer Interface
Real-time interface with IM-2400 Ultra 4/5 gas analyzer that enables simultaneous display, record and replay of scanner data and gas readings.

CPU Dual 16bit 33MHz Processor
Memory 1 Mbyte SRAM
Program Cartridge Card 512Mbyte built-in Flash memory
LCD 320X240 Graphic LCD with Backlight
Key Pad 20 Membrane keys, embossing type
Communication Port USB and RS232
Power Supply 12 Volt DC – Vehicle Battery – Cigarette Lighter – AC/DC Converter
Printer Generic PC Printer
Dimension L 291.9mm x W 171.9mm x T64.2mm
Weight Approx. 1.5Kg(Main Unit)

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